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Security Policy

How safe are your payments?

Very safe! We don’t keep any cardholder details at fannyhill.co.za, instead we redirect you to our MAP (Merchant Account Provider) and they process the payments on our behalf. This ensures less fraud for us and total safety for you.

Our MAP is Virtual Card Services, more about them can be found by visiting www.vcs.co.za

Do you use encryption technology?

Yes we have two levels of encryption!

Our first port-of-call is our GoDaddy SSL certificate which provides up to 256 bit encryption on our webpage, this ensures that any data you provide us with is safe and secure.

Our credit card payments are re-routed to our Merchant Account Provider (Virtual Card Services) and they presently offer up to 256 bit encryption using Thawte SSL which safely secures all of your credit card details during the transaction process.

Virtual Card Services have more than 50 years experience in performing online payments, to read more about them visit www.vcs.co.za.

You can verify that our SSL is up and running by clicking on the GoDaddy verification button on the left-hand pane or at the very bottom of our webpage.  This certificate means that you can rest assured that all communications between your web browser and our web servers are private and secure.




Can my credit card details be compromised via www.fannyhill.co.za?

Absolutely not as we don't retain your details at all!  Virtual Card Services who are linked to all the major banks perform your credit card payment on our behalf.

What details do you keep of mine and is it secure?

We keep your login details (excluding your password), delivery address\s, name, surname, email address and any other details you entered in order for us to deliver your parcel to you.  Rest assured that all of these details will NEVER be sold to any 3rd party...even if they tie us down and whip us!  All your data is secured on our server via GoDaddy SSL so you know that its extra safe!  More can be read in our section entitled: Privacy & Information Policy.

Will my credit card statement display that I bought from www.fannyhill.co.za?

A definite NO!  It will show that you transacted with Teck Concept - we have done this to ensure that all of our customers receive a discreet service.  We also won't send your parcel to you in outward branded packaging!

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Our packages are shipped discreetly so there's no need to worry about anything incriminating on the box or on the waybill!


Our site is checked daily by top notch security specialists to ensure you a safe and secure experience everytime.


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