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Made from a mixture of PVC & Silicone

Advantages: This material has a real skin feel.  The high molecular density of this material allows sex toys made from this compound to be both flexible and resilient

Disadvantages: This material is extremely porous, making it difficult to clean and susceptible to the incubation of germs.

Care and Maintenance:  To protect the sex toy from germs use a condom.  Cyberskin toys are very sensitive so it's adviseable to wash them before and after use in some warm water and toy cleaner alterbatively use some antibacterial soap, however sex toy cleaner is preferred.  These toys come dusted in a powdery material to maintain their unique texture, so it's important that it be cleaned before first use.  After each use remember to clean and dust iwht a little cornstarch (NEVER use TALC which has been linked to Cervical Cancer) this prevents the toy from becoming sticky.

Storage:  Always store your toys in a cool, dark dry place, preferably in its own case, alternatively use a Jiffy bag.  Remember to separate toys from one another as dye an/d/or chemicals are transferrable and Cyberskin is not very compatible with other materials.

LubricantsOnly water based lubricant, silicone based lub, oil and petroleum will most difinetly damage and toys made from Cyberskin.

Also Known As: New Supersoft, Ultra realistic, Futurotic, SoftSkin, SoftTouch, Pure Skin Realskin, Futurotic Plus, SensaFirm


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